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Compiled an example of a ruler image equipped with functions and how to use bow ruler, elbow, segitga, animation, cartoon

You are certainly no stranger to rulers, measuring instruments used to determine the length, width or thickness of an object.

Ruler drawings can be found easily on the internet, the types are also diverse. But to make it easier for you to find references of various types of rulers, here we review the information.

Ruler Is?


In simple terms, the definition of a ruler is a measuring instrument used to measure the length of an object or used to make a straight image. The scales that are often used in this length measuring instrument are millimeters and centimeters, by utilizing these scales you can determine the length of an object.

There is a wide variety of ruler sizes, which suit the needs of its users. Rulers for schoolchildren, for example, usually have a length of about 30-60 cm, with a size of 1 meter for teachers to line on the blackboard.

To use the ruler, you need a ruler that suits your needs. It also has the same function, so choosing which one is right must be done in order for the result to be as desired.

Ruler Function

After knowing the meaning of the ruler, you should also know about the function of the ruler itself. As previously explained, the main function of the ruler is to draw a straight line on a two-dimensional object (flat plane) and determine the length of an object.

In addition, there is a ruler that has a certain pattern in it, so it can be used to make certain patterns or images according to needs. For example, the triangle ruler image and its function can make the shape of the triangular image plane easier.

The same thing with vector rulers, it can be used to line or create lines digitally to create more precise vector results. You can get the type of ruler needed by purchasing it in the store that provides.

Ruler drawing example

There are many drawing rulers that are often used, here are some types that are often used, among which we will review the kinds of rulers that are equipped with drawings and their functions.

Elbow Ruler Drawing


Elbow ruler drawing

An elbow ruler is a type of ruler that has the shape of an elbow angle, which draws an elbow ruler and its function is used to determine the angle of the elbow on a triangle or square. He can make the process of drawing, making straight lines and determining the angle of the elbows easier.

Triangle Ruler image


Draw a triangle ruler

A type of triangle ruler and its function that is often used to give a triangular plane shape. He can calculate the scale while making it easier to create a triangular plane of space.

Arc Ruler Drawing


Draw of an arc ruler

The function of an arc ruler is quite commonly encountered. The shape of the arc is usually used to determine the angle of a circle or semicircle. There are angular lines that determine the length of the centimeter scale as rulers in general.

Iron Ruler Drawing


Iron ruler drawing

There are many types of rulers, one of which can be determined based on the material of manufacture. You can find the image of the iron ruler and its function easily, because this ruler is sold freely in the market and is often used by schoolchildren.

Digital Ruler Drawing


Digital ruler image

In addition to the ruler or crossbar that is used physically, there is also a ruler that is used digitally. It is often referred to as an online ruler because it is used using electronic devices for online media needs, such as vectors or animations.

Scale Ruler Drawing


Scale ruler image

This crossbar is a type of crossbar that has various scale sizes such as 1:1/2, 1:1/4, 1:1/6 and 1 1/8. Usually a scale ruler or often known as a sewing ruler is used to make small-scale patterns and measure the need for seam kahin.

This sewing ruler has a more readable scale, because the colors look contrasting with each other.

Animated Ruler Image


Animated ruler image

An animation ruler is a ruler that has a shape like an animation or is digitally made. It has more diverse shapes and a variety of decorations if possible.

Cartoon Ruler Drawing


Cartoon ruler image

Cartoon rulers are similar in shape to animation-type rulers. It is often used by someone who wants the shape of the ruler to be more unique and attractive.

Draw a Ruler T


Draw a T ruler

This type is a ruler used to draw horizontal lines, and is shaped like the letter T. You only need to slide the ruler, so that it can be used to draw according to your needs.

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How to Use the Ruler

How to use a ruler, both physical and digital rulers is quite simple. You just need to put a ruler on a zero scale on the end of the paper or drawing object. Then proceed to pay attention to the other end of the ruler whether it is straight and precise.

Read the scale or size you want to use, if you want to measure draw a straight line and determine the scale size of the line. If using the crossbar pay attention to the ruler image correctly, whether it is straight and precise before determining the size scale of the image.

Those are the various explanations and illustrations from the drawing of the ruler measuring instrument that is often used in everyday life. The ruler also has a fairly affordable price, so you can buy it easily. Happy success always to friends of friends everyone

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