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Star Delta Motor 3 Phase Circuit Example

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Full explanation of what is a Star Delta CircuitWorking principle and examples of manual and automatic star delta circuit scheme drawings

The star delta circuit is a circuit used to operate electronic equipment. This circuit is different from most circuits, because it has a fairly high power.

For friends who want to learn more about what a star delta series is, here are examples of those circuits and other complementary information.

What is the Star Delta Series

star delta

Example wiring circuit diagram star delta

The Star Delta circuit is a Stater Device Circuit that functions to reduce high Starting current surges (Inrush Current) on electronic devices with 3 phase cables. This circuit works by not reducing the Torque on the Electro Motor.

Star delta circuit is a type of circuit used to run electronic equipment that has a 3 phase cable. For example, this circuit is used for electric heaters with motors starting from 3 phases or with voltages above 5 thousand watts.

The star delta circuit generally works by using a timer component. The use of this timer component itself is to set the working time of the star circuit leading to the delta circuit. The change time from star to delta generally only takes 5 to 10 seconds.

Star delta circuit is a type of electrical circuit that is able to supply electrical power with a large enough capacity. In addition to being able to stabilize electricity, this circuit is also able to reduce  the electric current used when the motor is started.

Differences between Star and Delta Series

Although they have almost the same shape and function, the star and delta circuits have differences. For example, regarding the maximum use of voltage. For star connections, the voltage used is much more stable, between 220/380 V. the size will keep the motor stable.

This is in contrast to the star delta circuit where the maximum voltage is 220 V. If the voltage is excessive, then the connection will experience overload or overvoltage. This will certainly make the motorbike have a big risk, one of which is a burning motor.

Knowing the differences of this series is not without purpose. The basic concept used will make the performance of the motor and engine run well. In addition, the use of this circuit will make the working system work according to specifications.

Advantages & Disadvantages & of the Star Delta Series

As previously explained, the advantage of using this circuit is a higher current compared to other circuits. If you do have a motor or engine that requires high current, the use of this circuit is felt to be faster.

The drawback is its strong torque, if you are not familiar with the circuit, this circuit also cannot be attached easily. You must understand the installation correctly to be able to install without hindrance. But don’t worry, now there are many guidebooks that explain the installation.

Star Delta Circuit Function

star delta

The star delta circuit has the function of reducing the amount of starting current when used. A live motor usually requires a large current, especially when it is just started. That’s why this star delta circuit is used, so that the current amount remains stable during motor use.

If later the motor has rotated and the current decreases, then this circuit will move the task automatically, thus facilitating the running process. The current obtained by the motor will also change little by little.

There are many other functions of this circuit, one of which is that it can help keep the equipment more durable when used.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about electric surges, because the energy needs used will be maintained. Although at the beginning the energy consumption is high, this circuit is still safe to use.

How the Star Delta Series Works

Basically, the working principle of the star delta circuit has a working system by loading the star circuit into a delta circuit which aims to ensure that the voltage generated can be balanced and in accordance with what is needed by the motor. Take a look at the example of the star delta series image below!

star delta

The working principle used for this circuit is 3 coils put together. The coils include:

  • U coil, is a type of coil with names U1 and U2 respectively.
  • V-coil, is a kumpara whose ends have the names V1 and V2 coils.
  • Last but not least is the W coil with the 0 end names W1 and W2 respectively.

When used in a star delta circuit with a 3-phase model, the coil will be arranged in a shape similar to the mercy car emblem. In addition to these shapes, this series can also be shaped similar to stars. (Take a look at the image below).

star delta

To combine each of the coils used copper plates, so that each coil can adhere well. There are several advantages if you use a circuit that looks like a star, namely that the torque is high but the rotation speed is low.

Star Delta Series Schema Example

To make it easier for you to understand this series, here we try to present some examples of star delta circuit configuration scheme drawings that you can study carefully.

  • Star Delta Electric Circuit Example

star delta

Next is about the star delta model electric circuit. This circuit is used to make the motor terminals easier to use and operate.

You can see in the schematic picture of the electric current component above is a component with PB ON. When PB ON is turned on, all other components such as T1, K3 and K1 will light up.

The K1 component has a function as a power lock, so when PB ON is turned off, the K3 and T1 components will still turn on, this is what is called the STAR configuration.

Then with the star delta series above, T1 will run automatically according to the timer number that has been set previously. When the K1 condition reaches the set power target, the T1 button will turn on automatically. Meanwhile, when K3 dies, K2 is alive. This is what the Delta configuration is all about.

  • Manual Star Delta Series Example

star delta

The manual star delta series is generally equipped with 3 push buttons. The three buttons consist of a push button on star, push button on delta and push button off delta.

The initial start shift in the manual star delta circuit configuration is done manually through the existing push button.

  • Automatic Star Delta Series Example

star delta

Automatic star delta circuits are generally used for large-capacity electric motors. This configuration serves to reduce the surge of the current value at starting. The move between star to delta is timed automatically by the timer.

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  • Star Delta Motor Circuit Example

star delta

You can combine the star and delta series into one, but for operation, you should use the star circuit first. This is to make the connection run smoothly, without any concern that the motor has a high voltage surge.

After using the star set, you can use the delta circuit as an advanced step. This will make the motor system more stable compared to before. Pay attention to the specs of each circuit before use,

There are several advantages that you will get with this electrical circuit. For example, you can meet the high current needs in the motor.

The speed of rotation of the motor is also the case, you can adjust it to your needs. The existing torque is also stronger, so it is not weak from the use of the sides of each star delta circuit used.

You can add more knowledge about this series by using books, articles or knowledge that is more valid and relevant.


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