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Temperature Measuring Instruments Are ? The following is the definition along with pictures, functions and 12 kinds of examples of measuring body temperature, room, water & air

Usually, doctors use tools to find out the body temperature of their patients. In general, the temperature is always around because it is part of nature. Heat and cold are the amounts of temperature according to personal perception. To be more accurate, measurements require standard measuring instruments.

This tool is in charge of providing an exact estimate of what the temperature value is. The default units are celsius and kelvin. Some countries use other units such as Fahrenheit. Each of these units of measurement can be converted to each other with a formula that has been set by default.

Kinds of Temperature Measuring Instruments


The most commonly used temperature measuring instrument is a thermometer. According to the large dictionary of Indonesian (KBBI), the meaning of a temperature measuring instrument is a device used to measure the temperature of an object, whether it is a body, room, water humidity, or air.

Measuring instruments are not standard only for certain purposes that do not affect health, safety, and critical info. On the other hand, you must use a standard measuring instrument that already meets the rules for important measurement measurements.  The list of raw temperature measuring instruments is in the following section.

  • Body Temperature Thermometer


Thermometer is a temperature measuring instrument used to measure body and room temperature. The type of thermometer that is often used to measure temperature is mercury.

Examples are in clinical, room, and lab. The mercury was deliberately chosen because it has several advantages. The first is that the sensitivity is so high that it immediately moves according to the temperature level of the object.

Mercury also does not wet the glass walls and the color is easy to see. Another advantage is the very high boiling point and the very low freezing point. Even if it is put in boiling water, this thermometer will not break and mercury will still function normally.

  • Mercury Thermometer


This type of thermometer is a thermometer that contains mercury that is placed on a glass tube. This type of thermometer has the advantage of its regular expansion and easy to see because it is shiny.

Mercury is used to fill the thermometer because mercury is a good conductor of heat so that the body temperature to be measured is known faster.

  • Clinical Thermometer


Next is the clinical Thermometer. This tool is most often used to measure the temperature of a person / patient who is felt to be sick with fever. Clinical thermometers have a measuring area between 35.5 to 42°C. This tool is widely needed, especially in the health sector and the medical industry.

  • Digital Thermometer


A practical and easy-to-read temperature measuring instrument is a digital thermometer. Its function remains the same, which is to determine the temperature of an object such as room, air, body, water, and anything else.

  • Room Thermometer


The room temperature measuring instrument also uses a thermometer mounted on the wall. As the temperature rises, you see a kind of sign indicating the position of a certain number. This tool is sometimes coupled to a temperature control or air conditioner of the room.

  • Laboratory Thermometer


The image of the temperature measuring instrument that often appears is a thermometer for the laboratory. If you have ever held a practice in school. This tool uses glass with mercury and a measurement scale. The function of measuring the temperature of a liquid or solid object.


There is also an infrared thermometer that uses a light signal to find out the temperature of an object. The way to use it is that you point this tool and fire infrared. The result will appear indicating a certain temperature.

  • Thermometer Bimetal

A bimetallic thermometer is a type of thermometer whose material is made of two pieces of metal with different expansion coefficients that are glued into one part.

The bimetal thermometer itself comes from the word “Bimetal” which has two metals. The meaning of bi is two and metal is a characteristic of its meterial made of metal.

  • Thermometer Six Bellani


Thermometer six bellani may be rarely seen and used for the public except for research needs. The tool uses two scales consisting of alcohol and mercury. Its function is to understand the boiling and freezing points of an object.

  • Thermometer alcohol


The next type is a thermometer in which it contains an alcohol liquid which at the same time functions as a temperature measuring medium. The advantage of this breed is that it is more thorough for small temperature changes due to its large expansion.

  • Thermocouple


Thermocouples are measuring instruments that use electricity and metal. This tool will be useful for detecting the temperature of objects with high accuracy. The metal or metal material used makes electricity flow as a conductor and then the measurement scale  moves according to the temperature level.

In this thermopel measuring instrument, the measurement results are directly proportional to the voltage. Some types of thermocouples that are commonly used to measure temperatures are Single Hole (SH series), Double Hole (DH series), Fish Hole (FH series) and Double Hole Oval (OV series)

  • Thermostats


Thermostats or often referred to as Bulb and capillary sensors are measuring instruments consisting of 4 components, namely bulbs, capillary tubes, diaphragms and springs.

By using this tool we can measure the depth temperature on a pipe and tank. The way it works is very simple.

The expansion of the fluid in the heated bulb exerts pressure, this pressure is transmitted to the diaphragm through a capillary tube. This linear motion indicates the measured temperature.

  • Bimetalik ( Bimetallic Devices)


As the name implies, in this tool the temperature is measured using a bimetal, namely two metals in the temperature sensor. The device consists of two metal strips that have different coefficients of thermal expansion.

The device works due to the expansion of the metal when heated. These metals are bonded together and mechanically connected to the pointing needle. The device can measure temperatures from -80oC to +600oC.

The bimetallic thermometer uses two metals that expand when it is hot and shrink when the temperature is cold. The two metals will move the scale in this tool accurately.

  • Higrometer


Measuring instruments of water temperature and humidity are usually put together on a hygrometer. The main function remains to measure the humidity level but there is an additional feature which is temperature. This tool is used in weather monitoring, industry, automotive, and mining to military and space.

  • Silicon Diodes (Silicon Diodes)


This Silicon Diode measuring instrument  is used to measure low temperatures. The construction is the same as that of the diode. The device was developed specifically for measuring cryogenic temperatures.

The temperature of the cryogenic engine and the fuel used are also measured with this small tool. The conductivity of silicon diodes is linearly dependent on cryogenic temperature and their conductivity increases linearly in low-temperature cryogenic regions.

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Classification of Temperature Measuring Instruments


The classification of raw and non-standard temperature measuring instruments will be explained in the following sections:

  • Raw Temperature Measuring Instrument

Standard Measuring Instruments are tools whose measurement results are uniform (standard / standard). Usually this standard measuring instrument is used in various industrial worlds. Whether it’s the health (medicine) industry, the business industry, etc.

  • Non-Standard Temperature Measuring Instruments

Non-standard measuring instruments are tools with non-uniform units of measurement. An example is using your hands to check whether the water temperature feels warm or not.

One person and another will give warm results but not with the other (very varied). That is, the word warm can be hotter for the other or vice versa colder.

In addition to the familiar measuring instruments, you also need to understand that measurements do not always follow the rules. Not everyone has measuring instruments unless it is very much needed, for example, the type installed in the house.

The majority of homes in the European region must have it to monitor the temperature in summer and winter. The majority of people rely solely on certain estimates and perceptions so it is called non-standard.

You already know the standard temperature measuring instrument, namely the thermometer. All of them use the same name because the main purpose and function are indeed equivalent. However, the objects of measurement are different, for example, bodies, rooms, water, and other objects.

Temperature is an important part of human life, and with the right temperature many objects can make changes in their form. The tools used to take temperature measurements include thermometres, both digital and manual models.

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