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Time Measuring Instruments Are ? Here are the definitions, functions, and 9 examples of drawings of time measuring instruments that are commonly used and the most thorough

Nowadays all things must be done in a structured manner and according to size so that their correctness can be proven. There are various types of measurements such as using heavy measuring instruments to find out the mass of an object.

The existence of this measuring instrument not only helps humans in one field but in various fields at once. Therefore, it is important to know each type of measuring instrument as well as its function.

What is a Time Measuring Instrument?


A time measuring instrument is a device used to find out and measure certain units of time such as clocks, calendars, stopwatches and many others.

The instrument of this tool tool is usually used to find out a certain amount of time. To find out the amount, usually use units of seconds, minutes, hours and certain other units of time, for example hours and stopwatches.

In practice, this measuring instrument has an accuracy that is close to perfect. But it also does not rule out the possibility of errors in its use.

One example of a tool used to find out the time, measure it, or see the time turnover in a certain range is the clock. You can also use a stopwatch, especially for those who want to measure the travel time of certain objects.

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Commonly Used Time Measuring Instruments

In order to answer the question of mentioning the measuring instrument of time and its level of accuracy, here are 9 examples of functions and drawings of time measuring instruments that are commonly used and their level of accuracy. Take a good look at the reviews:

  • Calendar


Calendar or calendar is a tool that serves to find out the time based on the name of the day, month and year. Calendars have been used since ancient times so many use dating based on myths, traditions and celestial bodies.

  • Digital Timer


The next timer is a digital timer or commonly called a digital timer. This fairly modern time measuring device is usually used for punctuality tests in laboratories, research or testing rooms. The shape of this fairly varied tool has several settings buttons to use.

  • Clock


The wall clock is an example of a time measuring instrument and its function is none other than to find out the clock or time in the place. You must be familiar with this measuring instrument because most of the places, both houses, buildings and public places already have wall clocks.

  • Stopwatch


A stopwatch is an example of a time measuring instrument and its function is to find out the amount of time in a situation. Many use this time meter to calculate the time and speed starting from 0 like sports activities. Using this tool sorting data by time becomes easier.

  • Chronometer


Not much different from the previous kinds of tools, the chronometer is also used as a time meter whose results are quite accurate. This one measuring instrument may still sound unfamiliar to some people because it is more widely used as a determinant of longitude. The trick is to navigate celestially.

  • Watch


The watch is included in the measuring device where its function is not much different from the wall clock, except that it is worn on the hand instead of being affixed to the wall. This very innovative invention helps the human being to know the daily time. Clocks generally have a pointing hand of seconds, minutes and units of hours.

  • Sundial


Before the existence of various kinds of modern clocks as it is today, there was a time measuring device in the form of a slab called a sundial or sundial. The clock is used as a time determinant based on the shadow of the dial plane.

  • Hourglass


An example of a non-standard time measuring instrument is the Hourglass. This time measurement instrument began to be used in the early 14th century in Italy and various other european regions until the end of the 15th century.

Hourglass or sand glass has the same principle as clepsydra. It can be said that the hourglass is the basic point of the invention of the modern clock as it is today.


As we know that an oscilloscope is one of the electric measuring instruments that can map or project electrical signals and frequencies into a graph chart.

Measurements using oscilloscopes are often used in the health sector, research, SCIENCE laboratories, and the engineering industry. Oscilloscopes are divided into two types, namely digital and analog oscilloscopes.

The Most Thorough Time Measuring Tool


The most thorough time measuring tool is the Stopwatch.  This is because the stopwatch has an accuracy level of up to 0.1 seconds (second). While in the second place is Jam.  Watches and walls have a time accuracy level of up to 1 second / second.

As mentioned above, there are tons of time measuring devices that you can use. To be clearer in studying it, we have also explained several kinds of time measuring instrument images and their functions in the review above.

In general, we have two options when taking certain time and frequency measurements. You can use instruments that inherently provide a high or low level of accuracy accuracy.

It all comes back to our needs whether it requires measuring time with a high level of accuracy or just measuring, please determine for yourself which measurement tool you want to use in the option above.

That’s a review of various time measuring instruments accompanied by pictures and their functions. In addition to time, several examples of other measuring tools such as weight, length, temperature, electricity are often found and needed in everyday life. For example, in a length measuring instrument there is a screw micrometer and also a caliper.

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